Writing Exercise

Gather pen and paper, no devices, then put yourself in a still place where you will not be disturbed, then settle.  Put down your writing implements and close your eyes.  The next part may be difficult for some however, the payoff will be worth the effort of none effort….

Close your eyes and forget everything you know (didn’t I say it would be difficult?) or rather, clear your mind.  To do this one acknowledges thoughts, but passes them. An aid to this when concerns or thoughts shout for attention is simply to focus on breathing.  After achieving stillness of thought one rises above them, stay in this blessed place a moment, then open your eyes without preconceptions of what you already understand and start writing what you see, hear, smell, feel and taste.  At this point do not attempt a creative piece, just note what you perceive.  Once you feel enough is noted, simply put away what you have written, forget about it and close your eyes and go back to your still place.

When you are ready open your eyes and feel your emotions, feel your heart beat, feel what you want to share, know the message and gift you wish to give, then pick up writing implements and collected constellations of words, and then simply use What you wrote to convey what you feel and want to share.  You will see and know at this point just how the words connect.   This creative exercise unbinds, unlocks or builds what is already there.  I pray you fully accept this gift.