Poem: Seek & You Shall Find


When plans go awry and ends don’t quite meet

Find me between the cracks of hearts concrete.

When finding yourself cast adrift and rudderless

Feeling alone, sister, brother and motherless,

Find me between percussions of heart beats

Where breath, death and living life meets.

When your legs are laden feet heavy as lead,

fearing the hills and valleys to tread,

Amidst the cordite clouds battling last stands

In desolate landscapes of no man’s lands,

Beyond every obscured word vision and sound,

Find me in every manifested blessing abound,

And be found both shallow and profoundly complex

In extremes of emotional love to neglectfully vexed.

When you are rising again from lowest of plights

Or dizzying in the highest of heights

Find me in the lightest of lights and darkest of nights

Where veils are revealed renewing new sights,

Gracing light, might, a purpose, love and release ,

When finding the Truth and finally peace.