Birdsong morning chorus heralds the dawn of day; I whistle and blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, thrush, even crows sing back replies.  Sun begins to slowly lift its head unfurling fingers of light, spreading to touch everything, creating a transformation to perceive vibrant hue, and it is as if an army of light gathers at a front line and I spectate as darkness’s defence declines and diminishes.  Light’s trumpeting call of victory is a milkman delivering fresh pasteurised milk that clinks with bottles clash, the humming background murmur of traffics’ sound ever rising, the opening of curtains and soft bulbs glow.  Darkness is out shone by mighty risen radiance of an awesome giant sphere which averts the gaze.  Soothing rays warm my upturned face and soul.

Beyond boundaries of fast thoroughfare to meandering lanes between farm fields and along hearth churned memories of agriculture machines’ toiling tail, tuffs of grass and brown shoots dip into boggy pools along tractor tracks.  Muddy hills squelch under boots.  A gust of wind whistles through a field of wheat, heads bend bowing salutations to the day.  The cooling breeze causes me to pull my Jacket tighter and sink hands deeper into pockets.

In the distance sheep munch on carpets of green, surrounding trees reveal furtive squirrels, coats camouflaged amidst shrubbery, trees and leaves.  A robin redbreast lands on a nearby bush, hopping onto a nest of speckled eggs.  The sun is high above cotton cirrus clouds amid a turquoise blues sky.  A buzzard languidly glides heated thermals, while the fluffy clouds remind me of the sheep.

An ancient dry stone wall speaks of a laborious mosaic history of unrealised dreams, each brick cast aside, but eventually finding its place.  Knocking clogging boggy mire off boots, take in a magnificent view: Perched atop a gradual rise of a hill a monastic structure’s bells peal out over countryside alive with swallows that soar swoop and dive snatching flies over a wild flowered meadow full of colour.  A tranquil river drifts lazily alongside, which shady trees surround and ducks and geese abound.  Sunshine glints off a leaping speckled trout, I hear cascading waters splash amidst grasshoppers and crickets click.  A blackberry bramble bush presents fleshy fruit, salivating and teasing taste buds.  I drink in the fruity aroma before sweat taste stimulates… 

All this is a mantra serenading senses, for amongst these heady sounds, scents, sights and feel, I am whole.