Night & Day

In the distance grey concrete monoliths rise man-made fingers attempting to elevate man’s habitat closer to God.  Beyond, there is a horizon where sun slowly sinks and sizzles in oceanic depths.  The sky progressively darkens, bringing into stark relief the light of square uniformly ascending giant constructions.  stars begin to glitter amid a gradually darkening blanket and it is as if the sky has opened revealing boundless space, jewels of heaven denoting even further depth.  seeing flashing lights on an outbound aeroplane, I imagine warmly lit cabins conveying man a tail to destinations beyond a different horizon; flying amongst the stars.  A majestic lunar luminance reflects down from a great cratered orb bathing in heat of solar rays, exuding a dream-like quality and seemingly reigning in heavenly starlit throne.

Having feasted  on tantalizing sweet meets, delicatessen delight during daylight hustle and bustle, I slow and absorb this peace.  Solitude can be found in night’s stillness when absent of traffic, those fast and flashy noisy projectiles, like tricky conversations from people whose minds are ensnared in mass of vines, forest thickets and conflicted desires, as rose bushes fight over same patch of ground; people caught up in daily struggles of life, unable to allow time for rake and snips and clearance of obstructing overgrowths of mind and soul.

Though social interaction is a need, so too the evolving quiet where sensory signals slow pace, where pets are unrestrained and feral, where a bushy tailed fox pauses in nocturnal scavenging pursuits, acknowledging a peaceful presence. 

By Jason Smith