Aiming to see young people overcome factors that affect their self-esteem & become stronger.  This organisation embraces the fact that you cannot change the past, but you can change the future.

Ruby girl works with 13 – 25 year old young people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds as well as targeted at risk groups.

General Information

RGUK is supported by Staffordshire police, children in need.  Tesco Community Fund.  The Cooperative Community Fund.  Staffs Community Foundation. (Comic Relief) UK Same Day (Vehicle supplied and sponsored) Fens Ltd.  Potters House.  The Bridge Centre Trust, & ‘Creative Investor’.

RGUK is endorsed by JAN WILLIAMS (Robbie Williams mum), RACHEL SHELTON (ex Hollyoaks actress), JADE THOMSON (model) & DIANNE LOUISE JORDAN (TV presenter) amongst other well know faces listed on

Say my name Softly

Will you say my name softly once again

and care about my welfare in the rain.

speak life, hopes and dreams on phone

not anticipating dial tone drone,

Come share comfortable quiet in solitude

and feel blessed in our bubble interlude.

Come believe again, stand in complete faith

and be forever far from a confused wraith.

Just say my name softly, forever once again,

filling the yearning in your  heart,

eternally your name.




Guidance for Guides.


12540574_1506947829614557_860475027790762882_nOne cannot encompass others minds in their entirety.  Likewise, one cannot comprehend mechanisms, experiences and processes of every individual.  So it is not for us to impose our own understandings, as this cans derail as two hands pulling a steering wheel in opposite directions.  However, verily I say unto you, joyfully praise God for patience, wisdom, perseverance, peace, love and supreme teachings of a Master showing The Way to guide, encourage, inspire and give our hearts.



Writing Exercise

Gather pen and paper, no devices, then put yourself in a still place where you will not be disturbed, then settle.  Put down your writing implements and close your eyes.  The next part may be difficult for some however, the payoff will be worth the effort of none effort….

Close your eyes and forget everything you know (didn’t I say it would be difficult?) or rather, clear your mind.  To do this one acknowledges thoughts, but passes them. An aid to this when concerns or thoughts shout for attention is simply to focus on breathing.  After achieving stillness of thought one rises above them, stay in this blessed place a moment, then open your eyes without preconceptions of what you already understand and start writing what you see, hear, smell, feel and taste.  At this point do not attempt a creative piece, just note what you perceive.  Once you feel enough is noted, simply put away what you have written, forget about it and close your eyes and go back to your still place.

When you are ready open your eyes and feel your emotions, feel your heart beat, feel what you want to share, know the message and gift you wish to give, then pick up writing implements and collected constellations of words, and then simply use What you wrote to convey what you feel and want to share.  You will see and know at this point just how the words connect.   This creative exercise unbinds, unlocks or builds what is already there.  I pray you fully accept this gift.

Prose: Train Journey


What is it about train journeys that so enraptures?  Is it the green scenery and idyllic views?  The meandering rivers and boggy marshlands?  Or graffiti riddled bridges we pass beneath, each spray painted stroke speaking a potential artist story, or of abandoned youth unruly in life, adrift in aim and purpose…

The view is different from a train; secure in warmly lit comforts, we glide past urban sprawls with a chitta chatter of wheels on tracks and the hushed murmuring of passengers and babies crying out their discontent, wants or needs.

Peace and tranquillity disturbed by food trolley’s applied trade sales.  Cookies, coke, coffee, crisps and thank Friday it’s Crunchy!  I suppose service has use, especially if one has plenty of cash for highly priced grub.

Now I sail passed a prison where once held captive for a quarter of a decade, it quickly leaves my studious gaze, but not thoughts of those inside…

I have arrived at my destination.

18:15 return.

Night descends allowing only views of glowing lights as we pass, in the windows reflecting back myriad passenger types.  Passengers more alive having travelled individual journeys. Books, phones, ipods, snoozzers, glad to see no drunk boozers.  Someone immersed in mobile app pool, another texting who knows where, music in ear pieces, then rustling bags and movement as another destination arrives.  The man sitting next to me moves and I get to spread out a little.  Relax more.

And we are off!  Engine noise whine builds with trains speed, clickty clack gets louder, faster.  Next stop I get off.   Today I asked an attractive lady, “Can you tell me where to get off?”  As I couldn’t help notice her heaving bosom I thought she’d let me have it and really telling me where to get off!

So my train journey winds down.  Soon I arrive home and brother Dan will have a delightful dish ready to fill the hands reaching up from stomach to throat.  It’s funny how train rides are an experience.  Now I shall discontinue, to drink in more of this journey.

Poem: In Life Storms


We can soar on whistling symphonies
Flying amidst a soothing breeze.
entering eyes of storms within
Reaching calm when all about is a’spin.

We can stand firm in gales furious breath
inner flame never abandoning bereft.
With exuberance that never fails
Entailing eternity beyond the pale.

We find safety in creator’s embrace
Far from darkness in solace and grace.
God is there in our depths of despair
Gracing ,us  peace, love and care.


Poem: Seek & You Shall Find


When plans go awry and ends don’t quite meet

Find me between the cracks of hearts concrete.

When finding yourself cast adrift and rudderless

Feeling alone, sister, brother and motherless,

Find me between percussions of heart beats

Where breath, death and living life meets.

When your legs are laden feet heavy as lead,

fearing the hills and valleys to tread,

Amidst the cordite clouds battling last stands

In desolate landscapes of no man’s lands,

Beyond every obscured word vision and sound,

Find me in every manifested blessing abound,

And be found both shallow and profoundly complex

In extremes of emotional love to neglectfully vexed.

When you are rising again from lowest of plights

Or dizzying in the highest of heights

Find me in the lightest of lights and darkest of nights

Where veils are revealed renewing new sights,

Gracing light, might, a purpose, love and release ,

When finding the Truth and finally peace.



Birdsong morning chorus heralds the dawn of day; I whistle and blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, thrush, even crows sing back replies.  Sun begins to slowly lift its head unfurling fingers of light, spreading to touch everything, creating a transformation to perceive vibrant hue, and it is as if an army of light gathers at a front line and I spectate as darkness’s defence declines and diminishes.  Light’s trumpeting call of victory is a milkman delivering fresh pasteurised milk that clinks with bottles clash, the humming background murmur of traffics’ sound ever rising, the opening of curtains and soft bulbs glow.  Darkness is out shone by mighty risen radiance of an awesome giant sphere which averts the gaze.  Soothing rays warm my upturned face and soul.

Beyond boundaries of fast thoroughfare to meandering lanes between farm fields and along hearth churned memories of agriculture machines’ toiling tail, tuffs of grass and brown shoots dip into boggy pools along tractor tracks.  Muddy hills squelch under boots.  A gust of wind whistles through a field of wheat, heads bend bowing salutations to the day.  The cooling breeze causes me to pull my Jacket tighter and sink hands deeper into pockets.

In the distance sheep munch on carpets of green, surrounding trees reveal furtive squirrels, coats camouflaged amidst shrubbery, trees and leaves.  A robin redbreast lands on a nearby bush, hopping onto a nest of speckled eggs.  The sun is high above cotton cirrus clouds amid a turquoise blues sky.  A buzzard languidly glides heated thermals, while the fluffy clouds remind me of the sheep.

An ancient dry stone wall speaks of a laborious mosaic history of unrealised dreams, each brick cast aside, but eventually finding its place.  Knocking clogging boggy mire off boots, take in a magnificent view: Perched atop a gradual rise of a hill a monastic structure’s bells peal out over countryside alive with swallows that soar swoop and dive snatching flies over a wild flowered meadow full of colour.  A tranquil river drifts lazily alongside, which shady trees surround and ducks and geese abound.  Sunshine glints off a leaping speckled trout, I hear cascading waters splash amidst grasshoppers and crickets click.  A blackberry bramble bush presents fleshy fruit, salivating and teasing taste buds.  I drink in the fruity aroma before sweat taste stimulates… 

All this is a mantra serenading senses, for amongst these heady sounds, scents, sights and feel, I am whole.

Night & Day

In the distance grey concrete monoliths rise man-made fingers attempting to elevate man’s habitat closer to God.  Beyond, there is a horizon where sun slowly sinks and sizzles in oceanic depths.  The sky progressively darkens, bringing into stark relief the light of square uniformly ascending giant constructions.  stars begin to glitter amid a gradually darkening blanket and it is as if the sky has opened revealing boundless space, jewels of heaven denoting even further depth.  seeing flashing lights on an outbound aeroplane, I imagine warmly lit cabins conveying man a tail to destinations beyond a different horizon; flying amongst the stars.  A majestic lunar luminance reflects down from a great cratered orb bathing in heat of solar rays, exuding a dream-like quality and seemingly reigning in heavenly starlit throne.

Having feasted  on tantalizing sweet meets, delicatessen delight during daylight hustle and bustle, I slow and absorb this peace.  Solitude can be found in night’s stillness when absent of traffic, those fast and flashy noisy projectiles, like tricky conversations from people whose minds are ensnared in mass of vines, forest thickets and conflicted desires, as rose bushes fight over same patch of ground; people caught up in daily struggles of life, unable to allow time for rake and snips and clearance of obstructing overgrowths of mind and soul.

Though social interaction is a need, so too the evolving quiet where sensory signals slow pace, where pets are unrestrained and feral, where a bushy tailed fox pauses in nocturnal scavenging pursuits, acknowledging a peaceful presence. 

By Jason Smith